Will you ship international?


Will you release the ROM?

Yes, eventually.

Why not on Bandcamp?

Fees, fees, and fees. Bandcamp takes 10% of material sales. No thank you. A free google site, some PayPal Buttons, and a domain I paid $12 /year for does the job just fine. Plus, I get to make all these write-ups and other detailed info you see using my own webpage. I'll stick with my primitive shop and limited feature set that google sites provides.

The other reason would be, if I was to release the music in mp3/downloadable form, there are separate royalties that go along with releasing on multiple mediums like that.

Will you release the NSF files so I can play them on my flash cart?

Probably, but the eventual release of the rom would be way better than NSFs. I'd hold off for that.

How soon will I receive the Cartridge?

Shipping method will be ground. I will make it an effort to be as timely as a I can in processing orders, answering customer correspondence, and making it to the post office. This being said I am only an individual and work for a living. I did this whole project by myself in my free time, and do not have the resources of a company or even of a small development team. I ask that your patience and understanding are exercised if I end up getting overwhelmed.

Will you release the assembly source code?

Out of embarrassment, I put this as a hard maybe, but still probably no. It is my first project using NES assembly code, and I learned the language specifically for this project. It is a spaghetti factory. However the one aspect that is putting this into the 'maybe' pile, is I could post this in an effort to have much better coders than me critique it. I would very much like that.

What are the codes?

Some people may want to try and guess them on their own. However, if you are looking for the answers, click HERE.

Why does only Midna's Lament and Song of Storms have Drums?

So, when I was first interested in making Zelda covers, this was way back in 2014. I made those two tracks back then and finished them. Was even quite proud of them. I actually intended to do this cartridge back then as well, but did not have the skills to code the rom. I shelved the idea to make the cartridge and was just happy to have made those two tracks. When adding them to this release, I left them as-is and did not remove the drums since the tracks staying as they were when the concept was envisioned is important to me. It remind me of where I started.

The rest of the tracks do not use samples (and to a lesser extent much noise) for the sake of space. Not necessarily because the samples would take up any more space than they already are. I could indeed just use the same samples. However needing to code 2 more channels worth of song data would drastically lessen the amount of space I had to work with to fill the cartridge rom with music. So I opted to leave out drums and many instances of noise I could have added. This ends up being fine anyways since the vast majority of the tracks used in this release don't have much or any drums to begin with.

Are you going to make another cartridge release?

I have no immediate plans to at the moment, this took substantial effort and time. However, I could see myself making a followup or doing the same thing to another franchise.

Will you help me release my album on cartridge?

This depends on a lot of things. Contact me if it is a serious inquiry and we can chat about what it would take from both parties involved.

Are you going to do another round of sales?

If the first batch sell out, and there is continued interest, I will most definitely make a second batch. This may be a pre-order setup.