Terms of Service

By purchasing a cartridge, you are agreeing to all terms outlined on this page.


Please allow ample time for items to ship and for the shipping process to take it's course. I am a one man operation and have limited time. Shipping itself will be ground and is subject to delays that are not within my control. Contact me with any issues you may have with shipping or the post service and I will do my best to help.

Importing / Customs

Depending on your region, your country may impart a customs or importing fee upon you. This is outside of my control and your responsibility. Furthermore, I will not falsify declared values on any shipments.


If you wish to return the product for refund for any reason, you may. A request for return will be accepted within 30 days from the time you receive the product. Please contact me if you wish to make a return so we can make the proper arrangements. You are responsible for the return shipment costs. The costs associated with the original shipment cannot be refunded. Refunds can only be released when the original product has been successfully returned. I highly suggest shipping using some sort of registered and tracked shipping option in case your inbound shipment is mishandled or lost by the courier you have chosen.


I reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason at any time. If I choose to cancel an order you will be refunded in full. You are free to cancel your order any time so long that the item has not been shipped. All valid cancellations made will be refunded in full. If the item has been shipped, any requests for cancellation will be considered a return and thus be subject to the return guidelines above.

Damages and Defects

If the product is damaged in shipment, or contains any defects from assembly, contact me with the details regarding the damages or defects so a solution can be made that is fair to both parties involved.

Defects may include, but are not limited to:

• Damaged shells/labels from shipment

• Carts that will not boot on any NES

• Bugs that are unique to your copy of the cartridge

• Carts booting to last page of tracks instead of the first.

Defects do not include:

• Bugs in the code that can be replicated on another cartridge

• Signs of use or previous ownership present on the cartridge shell or circuit board.

If you are running into issues booting the cartridge, I urge you to please attempt to test the cartridge on another NES to rule out any 72 pin connector issues or any console specific issues that may be a contributing factor. Also, insert the cartridge multiple times to help dislodge any dust or corrosion buildup that may be present on your console's 72 pin connector. Lastly, try to run other NES games cartridges you may have to verify the operation of the NES.