Controls for the main program:

This is the main program. Here you can select a song to play.

Up/Down: Moves the cursor to next/previous songs.

Left/Right: No Function

A: Starts the track the cursor is selecting. If the cursor is selecting a song that is already playing, hitting A does nothing.

B: Stops the track playing.

Start: Enters a pause menu and takes you to the music staff page. This will stop the currently playing track.

Select: Will turn off rendering to the screen. CRTs make a lot of noise when drawing a picture to the screen, and the PPU of the NES makes noise as well when rendering a picture. Turning rendering off will reduce the overall noise for a better listening experience. Hitting select again will turn rendering back on.

Controls for the pause page:

This page is a code screen. Successfully entering one might unlock something. For a hint click HERE.

Up/Down/left/Right/A/B: These buttons will play a note on the music staff.

Start: Exits the pause menu and takes you back to the last page of tracks you were on.

Select: Resets the staff.